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Here is a list of Pet Products and Services to help You

Vet Hospital:
Hussey Veterinary Hospital

2237 W Side Rd., North Conway, NH 03860
Tel: (603) 356-5538

Pet Sitter:
Lisa & Gary Webster

PO Box 761, North Conway, NH 03860
All pets are unique and have varying individual needs, but all pets rely on the comfort and security of their home, family, and daily routine. Using a pet sitter allows your pet(s) to remain in familiar surroundings, and to maintain a normal schedule. Pet sitters become part of the family - trusted caregivers who visit your home and provide individualized loving attention to your pet(s) and home. Pet sitters provide not only food, water, exercise and medications, but also playtime, petting, and companionship. Pet sitters follow the routine you have established with your pets. Your home benefits from the extra security provided by daily visits - newspaper and mail collection, porch lights turned on and off, blinds and drapes adjusted, and interior lights rotated. When you choose a pet sitter you choose peace of mind.

Pet Odor Removal: Odor Destroyer pet odor removal products eliminate pet urine odors quickly and permanently in as little as 4 days. Pet odors like for dog and cat urine used to be impossible to remove. Now there is a solution.

1-800-PetMeds  -  Save $5

Pets Welcome Too!
Bring your best friend on vacation with you. Treat your pet like the member of your family it really is. [Pets Welcome]

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