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Swiss Chalets Village Inn
values comfort and safety of our Guest, Employees and Management. It is mandatory to notify us the details of your pets upon check in so we can assign you to appropriate room. Unregistered pet in the room will results in $100 fine plus other fees. This policy may be changed or modified without prior notice.

Pet policy:
We are displaying rules and regulations regarding our pet policy on our web site in order to give notice to potential guests about the rules. We also require that the guest inform us of their special needs prior to bringing their pets to our property.

  • Pet owner agrees to our pet policies, to be responsible for any damage or injury caused by the pet, and to absolve the innkeepers/ staff of any liability if the pet or another guest is injured.

  • We only allowed pets of no more than 40 pounds and max. 2pets per room. We may relax the weight requirement for well behaved (always leashed) dog, please ask ahead.
  • We will allow some dogs, occasionally cat, etc.
  • If we believe certain dog breeds are more of a threat to our guests and employees, then we may disallow them on our property. Be specific as to what type and size pet you will bring on your trip.
  • · We require that pets must be leashed; therefore we must enforce that pets are leashed when out of the guest room.
  • Pets are not allowed in the main building. This includes the lobby, pool areas, hot tub, game room and breakfast area.
  • We do have a “no-barking” and a “no-biting” rule in order to protect our other guests from being harmed or disturbed. Violation will results in loss of room without refund.
  • Ask front desk personnel about the appropriate areas to walk your dogs on our property. you must clean up after the dog relieves itself.

  • We do require guests who bring their pets with them to our property to:

a. Pets must be washed and on flea medication prior to arrival. Provide evidence of updated vaccinations, so please bring records. Provide a nametag with identification and a current rabies tag to be worn by the dog/cat at all times.

b. Clean up after their pets whether inside or outside the hotel.

c. Keep their pet on a leash at all times in public areas.

d. Keep their pet in a crate when the guest leaves the guestroom to avoid innocent employees from being bitten and the furnishings in the room from being destroyed. Housekeeping is not allowed to enter a guest room with a pet. If you would like to arrange a time for the housekeeper to service your room when the pet is not in it, please either contact the front desk when you check in.

e. This policies are subject to change without prior notice.

f. Use the designated “relief” areas for their pets (we will provide poly. clean-up bags for our guests’ use).

g. Keep all pets out of office, dining areas, pool areas, hot tub, game room and other public area.

h. Use a “Pet In Room” sign on their door to alert the housekeeping staff and room service attendants of a pet in the room.· Since we don’t allow pet in some areas, We require that your pet not be left unattended for more than 1 hour, and never unattended at night. If at all possible, please leave a cell phone number with us, when your pet is left unattended.

i. We do require pet fee of $15 per pet per night. We may charge additional fees for charges including but not limited to cleaning, repair, replacement of damaged items, and loss of rental during repair caused by pet accidents or any other action in the room. Any added clean up caused by your pet, will be added to your bill. This may be added after you check out based on our house keepers' cleaning time. If you prefer, ask our front desk and we will give you an estimate based on our observation. Pet accidents on carpet, bedding or furniture, will result in full replacement cost plus lost rental.

j. By bringing in a pet in our facility you are agreeing to a waiver and provide the hotel with an indemnification so that the hotel is not responsible for any injury or damage the pet may cause to your property or other guests. Pet owner is liable for all liability arising from their pet's action.
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